Friday, March 30, 2007

Farewell, Rob Walton --

Rob just hit the road; I've got a lot of legwork to do on catch-up here, but it was a great three+ days and the Center for Cartoon Studies interaction was vital and worthwhile (by all reports). So, score! Safe drive home, Rob. I'll be posting pix here once the students share that with me, or post them online themselves.

I'll post later today with something of substance, I hope.

For today, I've got a recording session via phone with Lance Weiler later this morning for an upcoming live-soundtrack performance event of Lance's feature Head Trauma -- more on that later today, once I know more myself. Bryan Talbot and I are into the next phase (or two) of our interview series, this one on Bryan's book The Naked Artist -- more on that later. I'm speaking at the Westminster West Library in Westminster West, VT at 7 PM tonight -- more info on that in a bit -- which I'll be prepping for all day. Finally,we've got our plumber in the basement, installing the long-overdue pressure tank so our showers are more than a flower-watering-can's worth of water pressure.

And that's likely more than you care to know...

More later!

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