Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Sprung...

... and it's been a sweet day. So far.

The first signs of spring were heard two weeks ago (woodpeckers, heard early AM hammering out their turf here in Windsor) and seen two weekends ago (north of Bernardston, MA on I-91, en route to lunch with Mark and Jeannie Martin and Mike Dobbs and his wife Mary Cassidy; saw eight+ robins along the highway, though I've not seen any this far north as yet), but March is as always a month of highs and lows on the mercury. Still, today started bitter cold and warmed up fast once the sun was out. I've savored the day!

I've at last got my drawing board and space set up, with the week off from CCS allowing me to tend to long overdue set-up and unpacking at our new home. The rest of the day goes to that other sign of spring -- sigh -- income taxes.