Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bissette & Veitch, aka 'Creative Burnouts,'
"Monkey See," 1978/79, originally published in
Epic #2;
yep, that's Leo Kottke driving the sea-monkey-hunting lead ship!

Shiny Beasts and Shub-Lips

Quick post this AM, as I'm off to work:

More art from Rick Veitch's upcoming anthology Shiny Beasts, gathering all his key 1980s Epic magazine stories and art betwixt two glossy covers,
  • is showcased here, and worth a peek.

  • I'm eagerly anticipating the release of this latest of Rick's King Hell book projects, not least due to the fact a wee bit of my work is therein; I'll post the link to PaneltoPanel's listing once that's in place, with whatever bonus for buyers Rick and John (Rovnak) work out. It's always worth the wait.

    For those unfamiliar with Rick's pre-Swamp Thing era creations, this is the book to let your wallets flop out for. It's a high-octane and eclectic potpourri of inventive and experimental work, all of which culminating in Rick taking the big plunge into graphic novel form with Abraxas and the Earthman.

    Keep an eye out here for news and more art!

    And speaking of more art --

    More art -- and a whole new sketchbook blog! -- from Eric Talbot
  • malingers here, including step-by-step shots of work in progress, well worth keeping an eye peeled for!

  • Eric says, "Un rama cthulhu lama ding dong. Sorry - I just had to do it."

    Gotta run -- more art, including a peek at my son Dan's and my zombie creations for Accent UK's upcoming Zombie anthology, and more news later!

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