Thursday, February 08, 2007

Notes from the Gulag

Just home from work, a busy CCS day! Sorry I didn't have time to post this AM, but hey, it's been one of those days.

BTW, last week's guest artist/speaker, New England cartoonist and graphic novelist
  • Greg Cook,
  • has posted
  • this blog coverage of his CCS visit, take a look.

  • This week, as noted earlier,
  • Tom Hart
  • and
  • Leela Corman
  • were our guests, spending almost the entire week here -- and they were amazing. Leela conducted an intensive life-drawing session as part of my weekly Drawing Workshop class that had everyone on their feet, standing and drawing from our live model Kristan; it was a terrific, invigorating session which provided breakthrough observational drawing skills for many.

    It also yielded my fave student comment of the month thus far (granted, it's only the 8th):
    "Steve, your Drawing Workshop is turning into a drawing gulag!"
    (- Sean Ford, 2/7/07, 5:10 PM)

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