Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wugga-wugga and the CCS Sites!

Art: Alexis Frederick-Frost, from his glorious site, link below!

Continuing the CCS student site roster, with a little window-dressing.

Once again, in no particular order, the secret windows to those you don't-yet-know, but will one day be beholden to, those who will upset all applecarts and elect far better Presidents than you sorry suckers did:


... with delight,
blurbling like some half-frozen brook
all over your own stupid self,
as you allow your retina to dance
and your optic nerve to tangle
and your brain soup to flow
like radiant water over the
  • the Stone-Dead Stylings of Bryan Stone!


    ... and coo like some moronic all-parakeet movie,
    dropping your flip-flops and
    burning your Birkenstocks
    while groping for your credit cards
    as you let your wallet flop out
    and your pocketbook pop open,
    eager to spend that which cannot be spent
    and divine the most delicious salad
    from the salad days of all mankind amid
  • the Stripy Green Tomato Veggie-Stand of the Particular Penina Gal (rhymes with 'all')!


    ... as you peddle
    that last mile
    up that final Alp,
    rock uselessly in your chair
    like an autistic child
    as the roller-coaster climbs, climbs, climbs
    to the top of the arc
    seconds before the plunge,
    long for yeasty Parisian loafs of bread
    and pine for times that never were
    and never will be again,
    evocative though they may seem
    when rendered by the man
    with the brush whose
    serving stroke cuts through the air
    like a Bruce Lee move,
    dropping faint men in their tracks,
    if, that is, they haven't already succumbed
    to the bedazzlement that marks the
  • Eye-Popping Peculiarities of Ping-Pong Champ Alexis Frederick-Frost!


    Hey, YOU!
    You think YOU know everything, DON'T YOU?
    You think YOU know how to
    listen to music, surf the web, eat a taco??
    You're soooooooooo fucking WRONG!
    You don't know shit! Or how to shit!
    You, you need guidance, love,
    and the firm, stern hand of
    a real man who knows how
    to sling the ink,
    plink the plink,
    and lock the clink
    to be your designated turnkey for LIFE!
    You need to open your eyes,
    stretch your ears
    and break down the tight-ass gates of your fetid mind via
  • the Melodic Musings and Shamanistic Shamblings of Gasping Sam Gaskin!


    ...into the felt-green pleasures of Roosevelt Park,
    as rendered and realized
    by the Man with the Plan,
    the Joe in the Know,
    the Mike with his finger in the Dyke,
    the Tom with the tom-tom toes,
    the Henry all hanker for,
    the Elmer Fudd of Spud,
    the Dartmouth Grad unafraid to be a Dad
    to any in need who can bleed and be freed,
    so humble thyself and embrace
  • the Staff of Life itself, Adam Staffaroni,
  • and his amazing online CCS mini-comic shop, "I Know Joe Kimpel"! (who the hell is Joe Kimpel?)

  • C'mon, spend a little dough on some CCS comics, you slackers!
    More later, gators, and have a great weekend!

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