Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another Sunday Morning...

... and another quartet of CCS students and their abundant weirdness & wonders:

(Part the Second of a Series)


That which looks like it must be touched,
but should never ever be touched,
unless you want your finger
(nay, your entire arm! Your shoulder!
Your head!)
to sink deeper than expected
into the sticky
  • Insidious Interior Chambers of Chuck Forsman!

  • HOWL! the Technicolor Yawn
    spraying like a
    ravaging geyser
    from uncanny
    & unknowable cavities,
    spilling like a phlegm flume
    of spendiforous colors
    spiced with
    giggly girl-sounds
    awash with
    vast vomitoriums
    of glee and glamor,
    of your being
    with God-Awful gorgasms
    of horrific hash-flashing
    dry heaves
    and gag-flexing
    of gooberous glowworms,
    and ready to serve as
    fresh-spewn magma
    flows from
  • The Ralphadelic Realms of Radical Chris Warren!

  • SCREAM! your nerve endings feel the probing talons of,
    your vertebrae crack and splinter
    as your spinal fluid is displaced by,
    your optic nerves are entangled with,
    your marrow is supplanted
    and your gums are unexpectedly massaged by
    (even as your remaining tooth enamel is dissolved away by)
  • The Stupefying Subepidermal-Invasive Tentacled Extremities of Ross Wood Studlar (He Who Is Pictured But Unjustly Unnamed In Vermont Life This Month!)

  • SHRIEK! that fruit of two loins,
    that spill of paired cranial rubbings,
    the abundance which only
    collaborative coupling of brain cells can yield,
  • The Cerebal Spawn of David Giarratana (and James D'Amato, who is not of the CCS persuasion)!

  • Updated "Ebery Satuhdei, waka waka," so Dave sez.
    Sorry, couldn't excerpt a panel, you get the whole digdanged page:

    Have a great Sunday --
    more posts later today,
    as & if time permits.

    Note: No rabbits.

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