Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And A Fine Tuesday AM It 'Tis, Too.

Here, we've gotten some sweet snow overnight and it's now sunny and cold. Nice.

Yesterday was our closing on the sale of our Marlboro home, which any regular reader of this blog is likely sick to death of hearing anything about. Well, this is it -- and it went beautifully, could not have gone better. Our beloved Marlboro home now has two new owners, really good folks who are already being welcomed into the Marlboro community with open arms -- and they're overjoyed to now be part of it. We graced the new owners with a bottle of champagne for them to celebrate with later in the day, and I gifted our attorney Richard Coutant with a hardcover copy of Frank Miller's 300, which he'd expressed keen interest in a year or so ago.

After the closing, Marge and I attended to the various banking chores (momentarily free of mortgage and debt!), and I closed my venerable Wilmington, VT post office box of 26 years. That's where all my Swamp Thing years, SpiderBaby Grafix efforts, and oh so much more sifted in and out of my studio and life. We savored a delicious lunch at my/our fave Wilmington diner -- Dot's Diner, downtown, right by the only stoplight in town, where routes 9 and 100 meet -- and then bid Wilmington farewell.

Hereafter, if we visit Marlboro and Wilmington, we're just tourists.

OK, much CCS work ahead. I've pretty well spruced up my office; hours of file organizing and unpacking ahead, but I've got a pretty good handle on that, too. With the Vt Dept. of Education arriving Thursday, it's a big week for all of us at CCS, beyond the 'big week' factor of this being the start of the new semester -- wish us luck.

More later, as time permits...

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