Monday, January 08, 2007

"Am I am der Painter Man?
Jah, I am der Painter Man..."

[- sung by Adolf Hitler in der Amerikan movie from der '40s, The Devil With Hitler]

Short break from painting duties to say goot Monday mornink, and whew, what I relief. The Iraqis dropped all charges against Saddam Hussein. Goot think, jah?

Grand fellow and contractor-who-took-on-our-job David Gabriel is starting tomorrow, meaning there's further light on the horizon for my own "nesting" process in this massive move. Dave is tackling the shelving in the viewing room first, which will allow me to empty tons of boxes and at least one hallway.

If we can get the platform set up and flat file cabinet up this week, too, in the basement, I'll be at last on my way to setting up my drawing studio as well, which is presently dominated by stacks of 35+ years of artwork. It's all lovingly bagged and stacked with care, but man oh man would Lizzie and Tuco like to get into that room. What fun they'd have! I've already rescued a couple of captions and word balloons once cemented onto original art pages that have dropped off from the sheer age and glue-exhaustion. Some reconstruction lies ahead, no doubt, but first and foremost comes the task of re-filing the art and getting it into safer flat-file storage again.

Ah, time fer der Painter Man to get back to verk --

More later!

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