Saturday, December 16, 2006

"Because It's Moooooooving Day, Mooooooooving Day -- Pick the Carpet Up Off the Floor, Get On Your Overcoat,
You're Out the Door, Because It's
Moooooooooooving Day --"

Ah, a little Holy Modal Rounders to open the morning.

Yep, it's moving day -- a caravan of Center for Cartoon Studies students will make the pilgrimage to Marlboro this morning to lend Marge and I a hand with stage #3 of our move (the real moving day is December 28th-29th; that's when the hired movers arrive and everything left her goes north). I pay everyone for gas and we offer a real home-cooked massive breakfast in exchange for their hard labor today, and we try to make it worthwhile and some fun for all who pitch in.

I've arranged for coffee to be a-waitin' for them at our local and beloved country store Sweetie's en route, then chugchugchug up the hill to the Bissette hacienda, where I'll be cooking up my famous (hereabouts) homemade flapjack breakfast en masse to fill everyone up to the brim. I serve 'em hot off the pan/griddle as they are ready, along with VT maple syrup and butter, rashes of bacon, sausage, tons o' orange, tomato and cranberry juice, and some seasonal apple cider.

After cramming tummies to the tom-tom drum point, we'll then load up the rental truck I've got parked in me yard and everyone's cars and vehicles, and then upstate we go -- to our new home in Windsor.

About a month ago, the CCSers and we did the same thing, only our destination point that day was our storage barns a short drive from our Windsor abode. It was the best we could do before the closing. Today, though, we'll be bringing everything (including a little furniture and at least one futon bed) to our home -- we closed on Tuesday, it's now ours.

And last night, the buyers of our current Marlboro home came by to drop off the signed contracts -- so, sans disaster, we've pretty much found the new residents of our beloved Marlboro homestead, which has been so kind to us. Marge and I were married in this house; Danny grew up into young manhood here; we love the house, this home, the land, the view, this community.

But it's time to move on.

OK, I gotta go -- boxes to finish packing, things to move in prep for the big move today; more to report later!

Have a great weekend, all...