Thursday, October 19, 2006

Busy Weekend: Lovecraft, Houseguest(s), and More!

OK, blog seems to be at last up and running as it once did -- thanks to all who responded via comment postings, as those let me know something was indeed visible and functional during the weeklong 'blackout.'

Dashing off to Dartmouth College to attend Scott McCloud's lecture this afternoon, and juggling the weekend tasks associated with the Friday/Saturday/Sunday
  • Horror in the Hills Lovecraft in Vermont weekend festivities (this link will take you right to schedule and ticketing info),
  • which is shaping up nicely in the home stretch.

    I was on
  • New Hampshire Public Radio's Front Porch last night, talking about the event and H.P. himself,
  • and that link should provide you with a half-hour of Bissette babble to offset the past week's blog being down.

    For those of you in Brattleboro, I'll also be on Steve Twiss's 7-9 AM local radio program, spinning some of the rare Les Baxter LP score for the 1970 Daniel Haller film The Dunwich Horror, the James Bernard Horror of Dracula score (to promote the upcoming Wednesday 7:30 showing of that film at the Hooker-Dunham Theater, intro by yours truly), and more. Sorry, it's not available online; just a heads-up for locals.

    More later -- see some of you this weekend at the Lovecraft fest? I'll be manning a table part of the day Saturday, selling some books, comics and DVDs with my friend Joe Citro, and handling at least one afternoon panel and the 5:15 movie showings, including intros (and possible interviews with visiting filmmakers involved with The Cthulhu Chronicles, shown first at 5:15).

    Anyhoot, I'm outta here, and more later...
    Morning Ramble

    Ah, you don't want to hear it -- can't open my own blog this morning, like the rest of the week, to read or view it. Still, emailing of your posted blog comments to me indicate it's up and running for the rest of you, so I'll continue to post as time permits.

    Gotta run -- Scott McCloud at CCS, gotta meet with the bank about finances, and so on. Will write more later today.