Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Links:
Once Around the Course...

  • The latest Republican scandal, sure to put some, ah, cream in your Monday morning coffee (and hey, check the Representative's voting record, using the link in the first paragraph).

  • Here's Dan Barlow's article on the DVD release of Head Trauma and The Last Broadcast with an eye toward the work I, my son Dan, and the Center for Cartoon Studies students did on the film (Head Trauma) and DVD extras (Last Broadcast),
  • and here's Heidi McDonald's Publisher's Weekly The Beat online news item about it.
  • BTW, Dan Barlow is a vet reporter though only in his 20s; he started at The Brattleboro Reformer in 2002 and now writes for the Rutland Herald's Southern Vermont Bureau. Thanks to Dan, Brattleboro area news has consistently been on the front page of the Herald and distrubuted on the AP wires. He's been a receipient of the New England Press Association's Best Reporting Award for Racial/Ethnic Issues (2003), appeared on NPR, BBC Radio and media panels, braved the 2005 24-Hour Comics event and created his own first 24-Hour comic, and thereafter became co-founder of Trees & Hills, a tri-state collective of comic book writers and artists (special thanks to Phayvanh Luekhamhan for some of the info here). Dan's also the only journalist (we didn't even get any online coverage -- for shame!) who wrote about Rick Veitch's and my own role in the creation of John Constantine when the movie Constantine opened nationally. So, just, thanks, Dan.

  • My just-posted review of Coke Sams's truly buried classic 1999 film Existo!

  • A bit of news from Coppervale Studios one-man cartoonist/author and 1990s indy tour amigo James Owen and the latest turn of events for him and his just-published novel Here, There Be Dragons; good luck, James!

  • Other Monday morning followups (no fuckups):

    * Kudos to Heath Lail for taping Ali Baba Goes to Town for me! Heath wins a prize, which we're tuning details on via email, and my heartfelt thanks (and Marge's -- she was eager to see it again, too)!

    * Other personal news: My son Dan and I indeed completed a two-pager ("The Trees & Hills Nonsense Nook," inspired by Dan's current fascination with Edward Lear) for the upcoming Trees & Hills anthology comic. Co-editor Colin Tedford (with VT's own Dan Barlow) just informed me that Mark Martin turned in a one-pager, too ("Picklefest Fauxpas"), meaning Mark and I share pages for the first time since -- Tyrant #4!

    * Kudos to Tim Lucas (and news of interest to old Taboo buffs): Our mutual friend from Canada, Harvey Chartrand, informs Tim and I that the latest Rue Morgue magazine (the Halloween issue) is out, and "In a review of horror literature dating back to Monk Lewis, [Tim Lucas's debut novel] Throat Sprockets is cited as one of the 50 essential horror novels." Congrats, Tim, and well-deserved!