Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again...

...but just for a few moments.

Ah, a busy week, indeed!

First week of the new semester at the Center for Cartoon Studies kicked off in style, but it's been a maddening pace, what with CCS duties, a new student body to meet and greet, and Lance & Jennifer Weiler up for appearances at the penultimate Latchis Theater showing of Head Trauma and a visit (and screening) at CCS.

All went well, with the dividend of seeing my grown-up kids Dan and Maia at the Latchis screening, too. Hugs and posters all around (Lance graciously gifted 'em both with signed one-sheets from his movie).

I'll write about it all on Monday, once I'm able to clear enough time to catch up. Or maybe I'll write about sumpin' else. Who knows.

However, I must alert you to the new book from vet Vermont cartoonist extraordinaire Jeff Danziger, who made his mark hereabouts in the '70s and '80s with his comic strip In The Sticks (which ran in the Barre VT paper The Times Argus and, I believe, The Rutland Herald).

Jeff broke new ground in regional comic strips, and then went on to write and draw books like The Champlain Monster and extend the adventures of the backwoods Teed family of In The Sticks via occasional short stories for the Rutland Herald (collected in book form a few years back as, natch, Teed Stories).

He's also become one of the best of the current generation of editorial cartoonists, sharpening his pen nibs and quick wit on the contemporary political -- state, federal, domestic and global -- arena, and for that I only love 'im more.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your mitts on your own copy of Blood, Debt & Fears and acquaint yourself with Jeff's latest collection of work.

It's worth the effort, and a niche on your shelves.

Due to time constraints, I'll be offline until Monday morning.

I'll see you here then, and sorry to drop out of sight again after a pretty good run of daily posts.

I'll keep on task once the current workload lifts. Have a great weekend...