Saturday, September 09, 2006

The First CCS Documentary! & Saturday Updates

Amid CCS prep work, musing yet another proposed 1963 collected edition overture (I'll say nothing more!), and ongoing script-writing sessions on a top-secret project, I snagged a bit of time and screened this summer's Dartmouth College documentary film class's Center for Cartoon Studies overview, Drawing in the Margins (2006, 11 minutes).

Alexander Opoku-Agyemang, Tatyana Liskovich
and Terry Berry were the filmmakers, under their moniker Second Wind Productions, and they did a pretty fine job of it! I'm among the interview subjects, along with CCS co-founder and Grand Divine She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed Omnipotent Stomper Michelle Ollie, Dartmouth faculty member and CCS booster Ana Mareno (who is fantastic: "White River Junction is a town full of ghosts, and CCS is full of ghosts..."), cartoonist extraordinaire Rich Tommaso, and students Josie Whitmore, Jon-Mikel Gates, Colleen Frakes and others.

The film gives a multi-faceted & painfully honest snapshot of CCS's home base White River Junction as well, and is very cleverly constructed around the various definitions of the word 'junction' and ingenious, never-cloying use of various comics graphic devices (panels, word balloons, captions, etc.) and iconography. The final credits sport the complete rendition by James Kochalka of his now-beloved "CCS Fight Song," which indeed makes one's heart swell with pride.

Kudos to Alexander, Tatyana & Terry, and we thank and salute you!

Head Trauma is screening at the Latchis Theater in Brattleboro only at 9 PM tonight; there is no 7 PM show. I'll be there to give the intro, and then home I go. Sunday thru Thursday, it is screening at 7 and 9 PM.

More later, we gotta hit the road. Have a great Saturday, hope to see some of you tonight at Head Trauma...