Monday, August 21, 2006

More failed photo load attempts. Damn this dial-up only access!

In my broadband committee work (not only with Marlboro, VT, but working in conjunction with three other southern VT communities), we're finding this is now a realtor issue: one of our four-town committee members is a selectman, and he's getting occasional calls from local realtors, checking if such-and-such a property has broadband access or not. Now that it's affecting home/property sales, this is sure to become an overt political issue in an already-loaded election season.
Cramming --

First chance I've had to get online today, and betwixt family stuff (suddenly intensifying anew), CCS prep, and juggling various gigs, I'm unlikely to be blogging before the morning.

Among the CCS prep for the new semester has been scouring available books for use in the comics history class, and a quick heads up for Daniel Herman's excellent Silver Age: The Second Generation of Comic Book Artists, which prompts me to divert my next paycheck toward picking up copies of Herman's two books on Gil Kane. Great book, great resource --

OK, outta here. More later, or in the AM!