Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ah, gotta run this morning -- so, a quickie on two regional events of interest:

* I'm going to the Second Annual New England Home Movie Daythis coming weekend, and here's the scoop:

"The 4th INTERNATIONAL HOME MOVIE DAY is coming to the Upper Valley on Saturday, August 12th to the Howe Library, Hanover - 10am-4pm - and to The Main Street Museum of Art, WRJ - 8-10pm

Bring your amateur movies for inspection and screening (please, no videos). Look for coverage in the The Spectator and Valley News; Check online NHPR-FM Morning Edition interview this week with Lisa, "Peeks on Home Movie Day."

NOTE: We really could use a couple of hands at the HOWE LIBRARY inspecting R8, Super 8, and 16mm films brought in by participants. This is a really fun way to save films and rekindle cinematic memories."

For more info, please contact John Tariot at (603) 643- 1531 or John Tariot at

See you Saturday! The HMD Crew is John Tariot, Bruce Posner, Suki Punjasthitku, Ellen Lynch, John Karol and David Fairbanks Ford -- David has been a friend and active supporter of the Center for Cartoon Studies from the beginning, too, so he’s doubly blessed in our humble view.

* For more info, go to
  • Unseen Cinema’s site, and click on the red HMD icon.

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    * New Hampshire comics creator Colin Tedford and his creative cronies are hosting another orgy of comics creation:

    "It's that time again: I would like to invite any & all cartoonists in VT, NH and western MA (and beyond, if inclined) to a gathering of cartoonists on Saturday, August 19 from 12-5pm. We will meet in the sunny, well-tabled food court of the Colony Mill Marketplace in Keene, NH. The food court is near the Gilbo Ave. entrance. NOTE: this event is not sponsored by the venue; the venue is a convenient public place. We'll probably meet elsewhere in the future, but it's a nice enough space to work and socialize in. Bring your comic-making supplies and prepare for creation and camaraderie - and if you have "product" (comics - mini or otherwise, t-shirts, etc.) feel free to bring some to sell or trade! I run a mini comics distro and will be buying comics. For more info or to RSVP, post a comment or email Colin at artforest dot org."

    * Colin and more info awaits you at
  • the Trees & Hills site.
  • Colin adds, “I'm going to try to hold meetups on the 3rd Saturday of each month so they're a little easier to remember.”