Friday, July 07, 2006

[Beloved original art gift to moi from Mark Martin for my 50th birthday, capturing my implacable sense of political passivity amid the turmoil and clutter of my terrifyingly massive collection. Artwork (c) 2005 Mark Martin]

My innovative proposed solution (see my July 5th posting) to the rapidly-escalating North Korean missile crisis has been picked up on the blogosphere!
  • Phil Baruth's Vermont Daily Briefing
  • snapped it up in short order.

    This could work, if only the powers-that-be would wake up and think outside the envelope and pay attention to our pitiful blogs long enough to save the world! What are they waiting for? Ken Lay to die?

    Ragmop quote of the day (fourth in a series):

    "That just leaves us with the problem of getting into Heaven without having to die."