Thursday, May 18, 2006

“LORD WARD of the State"


Set up is a vaguely Dickensian orphanage or group home, kids from toddlers to young adults are the wards, myself included. Our master looks like John Neville, only haughtier and more arrogant in his bearing. He is an insufferable prig.

Meals are swill; treatment is brutal. The cellars are full of bodies.

As train pulls out for gathering, children/wards who have fallen on tracks (four or more) will be run over; we are being taken by force via train to a party and film-showing our master is hosting.

They show rich, ruling-class biopic Bertolucci film; cut off before ending as elite go to party, me and handful of others try to stick with film, though projected image goes on to walls too cluttered to view, and film shut off. We are incensed.

Furious, I confront our ward master, collar him and scream at him, including how he KILLED our fellow wards to make it to this gathering and the truncated showing of the Bertolucci film; now, I know I am to be hunted down.

Front doors covered by his peers; back doors by police; I find a glass cabinet entrance to a lower level apparently unguarded. Assuming it’s a trap, I hide in an inaccessable cupboard, determined to simply wait them out.

Later dream:

In a vast underground bunker facility, I'm assigned a coded badge and instructed to wear it at all times.

I am assigned to work with Kevin Bacon on a second 'hollow man' project (in reality, not a film). He walks naked with me (though we're both completely unconcerned with his nudity) alongside two decks of outsized anatomical texts, each with dimensional layered models of various human and animal anatomies. He moves from deck to deck, book to book, with a simple polevault-like flexible board, lifting himself into the air to leap from deck to deck, book to book.

I'm to select just one key text, and I ask Kevin which one he recommends. Walking again alongside me instead of polevaulting, he steers me to a huge, flat book with all the internal organs and structure molded in a pliable plastic material, capped with a 'visible man'-like cover, and says, "This is by far the best of them. Ya, work with this."

But I'm unsure of how to remove the top copy, much less cart it around, and no one answers my questions. I leave it in place, but tag it as my copy before moving on.

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