Friday, May 12, 2006

Mummified Babes, Graveside Homophobes, Political Asylum, and More...

A Friday morning of odds and ends, just to set you up for the weekend.

I'm astounded (as are justice officials) at the government's own investigative body (the Office of Professional Responsibility) finding they've been stonewalled by the White House in their investigation of the NSA warrantless surveillance program, but I won't rant about that. Keep an eye on this one, folks -- if this doesn't prove this President has absolutely no check on his power, what does?

But enough on that -- we've other fish to fry and babies to dry this morning.

FYI, a reminder: I'll be posting at odd times in the coming week or so, as more time goes into a deadline project and the website launch.

Here's something to settle your breakfast, and remind the Curtis Harrington fans out there of Who Slew Auntie Roo. From amigo Joe Citro comes news of Concord, New Hampshire police horrified to discover "Family Heirloom Is Mummified Baby,"
a news item from April 24, 2006:

CONCORD, N.H. -- A family heirloom is not going over well with police.
  • The mummified body of a baby
  • kept by a Concord, N.H., family has drawn attention from investigators.... The current keeper of the baby, Charles Peavey, said the tiny mummy has been passed down in his family for many years. Concord police recently got word of the remains and they took them in for testing. A forensic anthropologist will examine the tiny corpse. Peavey said the mummy belonged to his great-great uncle, who was born in Ashland in 1850. The family estimated that the mummy is 90 years old. It was discovered among the uncle's possessions in 1947 in Manchester...

    Every home should have one!

    Meanwhile, Mark Martin (who will soon face me like a man!) sends this May 1st link about
  • the ACLU is fighting the good fight
  • for those folks I wrote about last month who've been protesting at the funerals of soldiers in states supporting gay rights and civil unions, or, uh, something like that. Associated Press Writer Roger Alford writes from Frankfort, KY that "...portions of a new Kentucky law intended to prevent protesters from disrupting funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq are unconstitutional, the American Civil Liberties Union said in a federal lawsuit filed Monday.The ACLU argues that sections of the law go too far in limiting freedom of speech and expression. Members of the Topeka, Kan.-based Westboro Baptist Church have protested at military funerals in several states. The church claims the soldiers' deaths are a sign of God punishing America for tolerating homosexuality..." That's the thing about freedom of speech: in its defense, one must stand up for free speech one often doesn't personally share or sanction. Anyone have followup info on this case history, I'm curious to know more -- thanks, Mark, for the update.

    While some of us might think these Baptists might benefit from a little detour to the local psych ward,
  • that privilege is being reserved for antiwar protestors.
  • As Jean-Marc wrote when he emailed me the above link, "Ready for your daily injection, Mr Ivan Bissettonovich?" Boot me up, Dr. Vesuvius.

    There, that'll settle your breakfast.

    More later -- have a great weekend!