Saturday, May 06, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again; Or, Back from the Shadows Again, for you Firesign Theater fans...

Home agin, home agin, jiggedy-jig -- at last! And with the email once again bulging at 400+ (after I'd whittled it down below 280 before we left), it'll be a fitful few days at the keyboard pissing away time just to get a handle on it all. This despite staying on top of the email as best I could almost every day of the past week+... sigh. It would be time much better used writing and drawing and living, no? But, email calls.

Betwixt all that, though, I'll catch up with posting here, too, and seeing what my amigos have been up to online while we were away.

The first year of CCS is now officially behind us, and a heady couple of days it was, too. The two-day critique of everyone's body of work was pretty amazing, though I was sorry to see the process really get to a few students -- inevitable, with one's art, as one is really laying one's guts out for all to probe with blunt instruments and verbal jack-hammers, however sensitive the dialogue. Seeing the cumulative creative effort from one and all was pretty staggering and intoxicating -- speaking of which, the final night's festivities were lively, too, and it was a pleasure (for the first time, since Michelle generously arranged for me to stay in White River Junction an extra night) to attend a CCS party that was genuinely festive instead of a public event. James Sturm impressed all with a celebratory leap into the closest icy brook early in the evening, a better man than I, Gunga Din.

I won't be swimming hereabouts for another couple of weeks, tops.

More on CCS, Copenhagen, this & that later... It's good to be home!