Monday, May 01, 2006

Day Two at and Tivoli Nights

Not much time this morning, so just a quick report:

Day Two of the was a marvelous time, a whirlwind of activity and high points offset by no low points. Though I had a one-hour signing and did much sketching in the cafeteria/bar throughout the day (fueled by the previous night's charity auction, to which I'd devoted one eye-catching Swamp Thing sketch and multiple prints, many of which I personalized for their respective buyers yesterday -- lots of semi-recreations of the auction sketch, which reportedly prompted much and high bidding -- mission accomplished!) , my fave moments were the few Leah Moore & John Rellion afforded to our talking a bit. During the noon UK comics panel, I graced Leah's sketchbook with two or three pieces, which she seemed quite happy with afterwards. It was a fascinating though heartbreaking panel concerning the current state of the UK comics industry, best described as fallow (though much creative work is being done, sans venues). My question about the internet scene, though, indicated there's a wealth of UK online comics, which I'll pursue in a later blog post. Sounds like that's where the action is, shucking any "industry" concerns for the time being!

Also greatly enjoyed Warren Ellis's panel, which I savored sitting alongside Marv Wolfman. Warren is a beguiling speaker, even when he's caricaturing Americans (easily done, Warren!); it was also nice to meet him, and Warren gracefully signed a Transmetropolitan #1 for one of my CCS students (hey, Ross -- mission accomplished!) and a copy I picked up on the spot of one of his other books -- for myself.

Marge and I have ended up spending a good deal of time with Marv & Noel Wolfman and Henrik Andreasen, who has seen to it we've explored much of Copenhagen in the precious little time we have here. We're about to head out to rendevous with Henrik and Jose Villarubia, who I've yet to have much time with at all, and spend the day enjoying a personalized 'guided tour' of the city thanks to Henrik. We're capping it all with dinner tonight with Teddy Kristiansen (and family, I hope!), so it's all good. Our last day here should be memorable -- and the sky is clear as can be. Another gift from Copenhagen!

Last night, we wandered until midnight in downtown Copenhagen with Henrik, Marv and Noel in a blissful post-afternoon-rain air. A great traditional Danish dinner (delicious slabs of thickly-cut pork, boiled potatoes, and a creamy white gravy) at a western-styled pub/restaurant called Rio Bravo, just a short walk from Tivoli Gardens, by which we afterward strolled past, enjoying the light show inside the garden walls. We walked for over 90 minutes after, walking off the dinner & dessert. Burp.

My good Video Watchdog amigo Tim Lucas wrote in yesterday's comments that if we visited Tivoli Gardens (which we primarily did on day one, Tim!), mayhaps "Birthe Wilke will sing 'Tivoli Nights' for you and Marge!"

Funny thing is, Marge prepared for the trip by reading two books on Denmark, whilst I prepared Marge by making her watch -- Reptilicus!

As we got off the airplane Friday morning, she whispered to me, "Damn it, that 'Tivoli Nights' is stuck in my head."

Mission Accomplished!

"Tivoli nights/Oh what a sight/All Copenhagen is dancing
Left and light/Oh what a sight/This is the place for romancing..."

I became quietly crooning Journey to the Seventh Planet to her, but alas, I've yet to make her watch that Danish Sid Pink classic... at least there's enough Copenhagen in Reptilicus to justify my cruel pre-travel ruse.

More later, as time permits...