Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Erratic Postings Begin -- My Final CCS Teach Day, Year One!

Like I said, I'll be posting at odds times over the next couple of weeks -- basically, as time permits, when computers are available.

Yesterday was my final day of teaching class for the Year One session at The Center for Cartoon Studies, a landmark day of sorts, though it was in so many ways a typical, unexceptional class -- but I felt it's import all last week, all weekend, all day Monday (during my prep for class), and swam through yesterday in a strange fusion of elation, melancholy, and wonderment. I'd promised a 'crash course' on drawing hands, and that's what I delivered, with a construct of tightly-timed 'life drawing' sessions balanced between the last quintet of student presentations (this semester, for my class each student was required to present a ten-minute illustrated lecture on an artist or art movement of their choice), three or four quick breaks, and an opening talk by and exchange with New Hampshire cartoonist/teacher I. Marek Bennett. I believe Marek may become a critical part of CCS over time, though time will tell. I also completed all the one-on-one sessions with the students last evening, including a quick followup with one I owed a bit more time to -- and I presented a program of Tuesday Night CCS Flicks (animated shorts, the most lameass sound comedy short I've ever seen in my life -- which actually drove four of the usually-dedicated students out of the screening! -- and a short double bill of Homecoming and The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb).

So, a full drawing class, all in all, and a fitting windup for what has been a heady first year at CCS -- for me, at least. You'll have to ask the students what they think!

Off to celebrate my daughter Maia's birthday tonight. Looking forward to it, it should be big fun!

OK, so Pop duties call --

More later --