Sunday, April 09, 2006

Intermission: Sunday Thisin' and Thatin'

OK, a pause in the Existo/V for Vendetta serialized essay, if only to catch up a bit.

* First off, if you live anywhere in driving distance of Northampton, MA, be sure to make time next Saturday to pop in on Mark Martin's signing -- celebrating and ballyhooing the first issue of his new Runaway Comic (to be reviewed here later this week)! Mark is a draw (pun intended), but another draw is his wife Jeannie's fantastic food (yep, she'll be there with goodies!) and the raffle(s) to win art, comics, and more. It's all happening in from 1 to 4 p.m. this coming Saturday, April 15 at Modern Myths at 34 Bridge St. in Northampton. Runaway Comic #1 was recently released by Fantagraphics, and is worth picking up whereever you are, but this rare Mark Martin public appearance is worth the drive.

For more on this, pop over to one of my fave blogs, Out of the Inkwell, for an even rarer
  • Mark Martin Interview with G. Michael Dobbs!
  • (It's Mike's Friday, April 7th post.)

    * Last night, my wife Marjory, son Dan, his pal Sam and I made the pilgrimage to Mass MoCa (The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, natch) in North Adams, MA to savor an evening panel with three filmmakers, Werner Herzog, Faye Ginsburg and Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation, 2004) entitled "Extreme Documentary". This capped a two-day ongoing Alternative Verite Conference at Williams College, which I'll get into later today as time permits. It was a great evening, kicking off with an excellent dinner at Cafe Latino, a bit of browsing in the Mass MoCa shop, and the panel itself, graced with lots of film & video clips, a few revelatory.

    More on all this later -- off to breakfast!