Monday, March 20, 2006

Catching Up!

I'll be posting off and on today and tomorrow, catching up on the week's events, sights, sounds, etc., so check in now and again. Some of it may be lively, some of it may bore you shitless, but it'll all be... well, Bissette.

More later -- gotta do the email thang.

[Note on posted next day: the damnable email ate all my allotted computer time for the day, sorry! An email exchange involving a local community effort I'm involved in proved particularly time-consuming, but that's dealt with as best as I can. I'll make up for the crap posts yesterday by catching up TODAY! - SRB]
Happy Iraq War Anniversary, America!

Ah, President Bush, thumping on the trail for his war.

As the commemorative retrospectives run on the air -- radio and television, and in print -- all that is reaffirmed is that the war was launched on a foundation of lies. Hearing the chronological strings of Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Cheney, etc/'s 2001-2003 war-mongering rhetoric (the ominous "mushroom cloud" smoking gun references are particularly infuriating, as they were then) only reaffirms how completely insane this ongoing war was and is.