Friday, February 10, 2006

"On the radio, ohhhhhohhhhhhooohhhohoh, on the ray-de-ooooo --"

Hey, I'm on the radio this week -- a bunch, actually.

Heads up for tomorrow night -- Saturday, February 11th -- when Brian Belanger, David Kimball, and their co-host will be interviewing me on Sci Fi Saturday Night in Manchester NH. According to Brian, "It's a call-in format, and we can be heard on 610 AM WGIR (Manchester NH), 930 AM WGIN (Portsmouth NH) and 1540 AM WGIP (Exeter NH).  We plan on podcasting our shows in the near future and we'll let you know when that happens, so your fans can download the show whenever they'd like." So, heads up.

We'll be specifically chatting about the Center for Cartoon Studies "and the various pitfalls of the comics industry," per Brian's suggestion.

Monday morning, I'll be on The Exchange on New Hampshire Public Radio from 9:30 AM to about 9:40 AM, talking about the Danish Muhammed cartoons controversy -- that program you can tune into online (go to
  • NHPR
  • and click on the link for "The Exchange"), or tune in on 90.7 FM in southern NH/VT/northern MA, 91.3 in mid-state NH and VT.

    More to come --


    "I Predict... Mexico City, built on a dry lake bed, surrounded by volcanoes will be a 'ghost city' by 1985. Slowly the city is sinking into the lake bed. All efforts to save it are failing. The speed of its sinking will begin to increase in 1974. Sinkage in 1968 will be about one inch. In 1969 it will be an inch and a half. In 1972 -- three inches. In 1975 -- seven inches!

    The quicksand bed of the lake will compress more and more rapidly and, by government decree, the capital city of Mexico will be evacuated in 1985 -- and moved to the city of Queretaro."