Saturday, January 07, 2006

“Watch out, Steve, I’m a conservative!” was said to me a day or two ago by someone I quite like and respect.

Maybe so, but last time I looked up the word (for a post on this blog), the word “conservative” in no way embraced the kind of radical ideological extremism and impatient, bullying arrogant pig-ignorance this President and Administration have inflicted on the planet.

Let me be blunt:

George W. Bush and the present “conservatives” in power are not conservative by any stretch of that word’s definition. If you can demonstrate to me otherwise, I am listening -- but first, please, look up the word “conservative,” and let’s agree to adhere to that word’s common English language definition as our starting point.

From the time it was evident -- truthfully, the first time I heard him speak -- that George W. Bush had delusions of adequacy, it has been an offense to even imagine the man as our President.

He has proven that first impression correct every single day since.

This is not prejudicial, nor is it some sort of partisan fealty to some opposing party (it isn’t, I’m independent, and that don’t mean “Independent,” thanks). This is just keeping my eyes & ears open, seeing and hearing what we all see and hear, and remaining honest with myself.

I am tired of having used toilet paper (excuse me, is that our Constitution and Bill of Rights?) crammed in my mouth daily by blinkered tools insisting that if I don’t like the taste of fresh ass-wipe, I am by definition “unpatriotic.” We having all been force fed shit for over five years (not counting the Reagan and prior Bush presidencies, of course), and all we know today better than we knew five years ago is that (a) shit tastes like shit and (b) Bush is not a conservative. If you fail to recognize either (a) or (b) as valid, by all means, go & enjoy enjoy your daily diet of dung, but don’t tell me it’s “good,” or “American,” and fuck you if you think me unpatriotic.

Just thought I’d get all that right out in the open, in case I had been in the least bit vague at any point.

Have a great weekend!