Monday, December 12, 2005

Mondaze a bit of a blur. Lectured about filmmaking (with sample clips from lots of movies, all made for little $ and with the same sort of means the students have in reach) to the Center for Digital Art in Brattleboro, VT this morn, as I do almost every semester. Michelle Moyse and his wife Linda have tapped me for years, and I love doing it, so big fun all around.

Tomorrow is the final session for this first semester with my Center for Cartoon Studies "Survey of the Drawn Story" class; another big day. With almost a dozen students giving their presentations (final projects) and four others moderating Q&A sessions for their written presentations, it should be a lively mix.

Speaking of CCS and my class, Howard Cruse has posted photos and a recap of his session with me, my class and the CCS two weeks ago. It's all at
  • Howard's 'My Doings' page!
  • While you're there, explore Howard's site a while; lots of great art, info and more.

    More tomorrow!

    (That all short enough for you, Mark? Signing off after a loooong weekend post -- Steve B)