Friday, December 09, 2005

Snowed In!

The first heavy snow of the season to hit the Northeast is sifting down steadily, Marj got the call at 5:45 AM that there's no school today (she's a school psychologist), and we're in for the day and happy about it.

Now, back on November 16th, when I posted here about my email woes, Argentinian cartoonist extraordinaire David Paleo sent me the following email:

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, 'oh woe me! My mail doesn't work!' Psst... who do you think you're fooling, big boy?


And your flimsy, harebrained 'story' about how you can't respond to any e-mails doesn't hold any water.

Mr. Bissette at last finished his studio!

So he's all snuggily wrapped in, windows shut, door condemned, a cozy old blanket rolled over the feet, saying -Fuck the world!- while he lets an idle finger caress his volume of x-rays of Graham Ingels liver -I don't need any of these fuckers!- a flock of birds hurries up on the air on a frenzy to escape the rumbling thunder emanating from inside the Bissette's lovely home - you want to learn about dinosaurs, you piece of shit bibleanalphabets?!-  THUNK! CRUNK! (banging irrecognizable his I-Mac with a Brontosaurus lower jaw) - you want to learn about dinosaurs?!!!- deep silence over Vermont- GO ASK GEORGE MOTHERFUCKIN'W BUSH YOU PINHEADS!!! I got a studio, I don't need any of you shits, ever!- asked about how he will continue his classes at the Cartoon Center, Mr Bissette mumbled something about - Let's see how much those goddamn kids love comics once they have to camp for a year on the Mountain of Madness to take his classes; got the P.A. system installed soon... - and something about how - 'Dave Sim warned me back in '89 how imperative is that we cartoonist add survivalism to our all other skills, so, in my class, you first had to survive; THEN we'll see if you graduate...' -

Asked about his husband retirement from the world, a calm Marge Bissette responded - 'as long as he's happy... and besides, he'll have to get dinner sometime, he knows very well that those dinosaur eggs aren't edible' - with a wink - 'he spent a week trying to get that oven clean enough for my liking that other time, don't worry, he'll be out soon!' -

For the sake of those poor, aspiring young art cartoonists being chased by wolves on the Bissette's backyard, we hope she's right."

Well, today, David, you're right.

See ya all later -- much later!

[Since I'm quoting David, best I remind you that some of his art is online
  • here,

  • here

  • and here.]