Monday, November 28, 2005

Over the past few weeks, it's been a hoot to see the results of a number of projects I've worked either reach completion or a critical stage of completion. This is always a pleasure: to at last see the results only imagined before, and one's work shine in the greater context of that work by other hands/minds.
However, I find myself in the rather odd position of doing work, and seeing the results of work I completed earlier this year, that I can't write about here -- not yet, anyway.

In all but one case, I've got to give time for the parties involved to "roll out" the completed work (of which my efforts are only one component) in their own good time. They also have to launch their own promotional plans first; tempting as it may be to spill the beans/break the news here, that wouldn't serve their interests, so I will lay low for the time being.

The sole exception is a huge body of work not intended for publication of any kind, on behalf of a venture that may never enter the public radar -- someday, I'll tell the tale, but the project must play itself out in an arena most likely invisible forever to all but those directly involved.

Weird, huh? Such is the life of a freelancer. Having survived various promotional debacles of the past (announced projects that never reached fruition: the planned graphic novel adaptations of Rawhead Rex and Night of the Living Dead, for instance), I've learned to just do my work and button my lip unless there's a reason to do otherwise.

Still, it's been a hoot for me to see 2005 has indeed been a productive year in a number of ways.

Come 2006, these surprises will bring pleasure to many of you -- and I will be able to write about the behind-the-scenes fun and work here, when the time is right.