Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Bossth! The Room! The Room!"

I can almost taste it -- in fact, phwaaw -- cough, cough! -- I can. I just cleaned it!

The workspace/library room will be almost complete by this time next week. A lot of work was done this week, including the completion of all sheetrocking, I slapped up two coats of paint within a 15 hour period on Wednesday, and since then Olivier and his co-workers have completed 2/3 of the massive shelving units and yesterday he prepared, cut, and sanded the two-tier computer/writing desk. I'll be polyurethaning it this weekend so it can be installed on either Monday or Wednesday.

When I rechecked the measurements yesterday morning, my drawing board will indeed fit into the room as well (giving me two drawing studio spaces within the home, a major change from the past seven years of drawing on the kitchen table or counter).

Next weekend, we'll still have the final installation of the heating baseboards and electrical/lighting fixtures to see to, then I'm moving in. Oh, man, I can hardly wait... I've been wrestling with the lack of dedicated work space for so long, due in part to the life changes, shifting around in living space, and (most overwhelming of all) the sheer quantity of books/archival material/artwork/etc. I've accumulated in 30 years. This is the winter of final organization, accessing, and having a proper work area, and it's become exciting this past week as the light at the end of the tunnel grows closer --