Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Odds But No Ends: Shameless Hucksterism, Part One

I'm scrambling this morning to pull together a wide variety of crumbling archival comics and comics material for today's CCS class, so today will be a quickie. But I do want to alert those of you interested in corraling some vintage Bissette and Gaiman collectibles that my amigo James Rochefort is placing on the auction block; check 'em out, please.

The Bissette items are direct from the SpiderBaby archives, and these are fully authorized auctions of these signed items. While I will be setting up my own site to handle some sales (specifically the rarest Taboo back issues and other rarities), for the time being James is my online dealer of choice, so if it's Bissette items you're looking for, read on. (In the coming weeks, I will also be making special arrangements with my friend and veteran Comics Route proprietor John Rovnak to offer other Bissette and SpiderBaby comics and comix items online; more info on that once all our ducks are in a row. I am not, however, selling original art as yet.)

Note, however, that the Neil Gaiman collectibles are being handled by James to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. When the CBLDF made the momentous move this summer from their long-standing Northampton, MA base of operations to their new digs in Manhattan, CBLDF director Charles Brownstein contacted me, asking if I knew anyone interested in handling some of the CBLDF stock, if only to minimize the scope and cost of their move. Charles and James worked out the necessary details; 50% of every Gaiman/CBLDF related sale from James will be going to the CBLDF, so don't be shy about your support.

James is currently active and listing items on Ioffer.com, Amazon.com, Bookavenue.com and Ebay.com -- check 'em out, and often!

On all these sites, you can access James's auction items by checking his user id, which is gimlisloot. The rotation of stock and rarities will be frequent, so you might want to reference James's efforts on a regular basis.

James is up and running, and there's some primo packages and items already within your reach. Here's some of the Ebay listings:

  • Primo Paleo Pack

  • THE BISSETTE-SET, one-of-a-kind collection (Signed)
  • Biss-Set

  • XL vintage SR Bissette Chiller Theatre Expo T-shirt, Spring '95
  • ChillerCon T

  • ’63 T

  • S.R. Bissette and G. Michael Dobbs' THE YEAR IN FEAR CALENDER (1992) Signed
  • YEAR in FEAR

  • Neil Gaiman Comic & More Collection
  • Gaiman Goodies

  • ____

    OK, off to finish prep for today's CCS session.

    Hmmm, all these historic discrepancies about when exactly The Yellow Kid first saw print... I have to sort this out. Anyhow, I've some real treats in store for the CCS folks. It should be a real hoot; will tell you more tomorrow!

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