Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shout Out to the Beanworld King Larry Marder and Basil Wolverton, Back in the Spotlight...

  • A shout out back to Larry, who mentioned yours truly in a recent post on his excellent blog, Larry Marder's Beanworld.

  • Man, it's been ages! (Thanks to Bob Heer for bringing this to my attention.)

    Larry and
  • Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing post news of a new Basil Wolverton exhibition at the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, California, now through November 11th, showcasing Glenn Bray's incredible collection of Wolverton original art.

  • Two choice Wolverton links to check out this AM:
  • a nifty overview of Powerhouse Pepper -- including a complete color story! -- awaits you here at the International Animation Society's ASIFA Animation Archive blog/site,
  • and another sweet ASIFA post here features lots of Wolverton art and an archival posting of Basil's own 1948 Daily Oregonian article, "Acoustics in the Comics" -- sweet reading, all.
  • _______________________

    The New Center for Cartoon Studies Semester Begins...

    With at least one comment already posted (yesterday) requesting info on the new class, let me start by saying yes, I've met the new freshmen class (during the morning portion of their all-day orientation session on Saturday), but noting, too, my first day of teaching them is today.

    So, really, not much to tell as yet. This afternoon is my first instructor session with the group, opening the lecture-intensive Survey of the Drawn Story (plain English: Comics History) class.

    So, patience, folks, and plenty of CCS news and posts to follow in the coming weeks and months and years!

    And, just for my amigo Mark Martin...
    A tender love story,
    a romance comic, if you will,
    in four panels:

    That's it, Mark!
    No more Condi pics!
    That's my annual quota!

    (Special thanks to Salvo for the pix.)

    Have a great Tuesday, one and all ...

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    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    She is SO HOT!!!

    Blogger dogboy443 said...

    Yeah to Basil...
    Booo to Condi!!!

    The Other Mark M

    Blogger James Robert Smith said...

    Condi Rice is easily one of the most physically hideous women I have ever seen. A true gap-toothed creep. You'd think that a woman with her tens of millions would get herself to a dentist.

    One thing that I noted about the White House-controlled press about her was the way the media would go out of their ways to portray the Moron/Condi relationship is subtle sexual terms.

    She disgusts me.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey, Steve --
    Yeah, I drove down to see the Wolverton show and it was truly awesome. I was really impressed by a lot of his early pulp and non-humor comics stuff (SPACEHAWK,etc) which I never liked that much before. Another great thing was his layouts next to the finishes for an entire Powerhouse Pepper story. The book from the show is well worth the money.

    Jim Wheelock

    Blogger Salvo said...

    You're welcome, Steve!;)


    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    I think it's sad that all of you guys are so mean. What ever happened to chivalry? Or just plain civility?

    On the other hand, if I am truly honest, a part of me is glad you hate Condi so much. Who will she turn to when she needs a hug? You? I doubt it...


    Blogger dogboy443 said...

    You can have her...as long as you can pry G.W. away from here.


    Blogger SRBissette said...

    There are those who believe this pack of curs no longer deserve civility. They (including Condi) lost my last shred of respect when Vice President Dick Cheney told MY Senator to "fuck off" on the Senate floor, which was a major "fuck off" to many of us. We hear them, and respond in kind: Fuck them, and fuck Condi (but not in the way you hope it'll happen).

    One earns respect; it is not appointed. How much abuse can one Administration heap on the world and still expect any measure of decency and dignity to remain?

    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    Wow! Did you actually read that before posting?

    She is NEVER going to hug you with that kind of twisted logic!


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