Tuesday, October 31, 2006


In the grand and glorious tradition of Famous Monsters of Filmland in its heyday, I ask you on this exquisite October 31st, 2006 --

What Is It?

(Thanks to super Paleomaster Michael Ryan and the amazing Peter Von Sholly,
it's a glimpse of a Halloween goodie from our collective past
-- 1963, to be exact! -- that never existed!)

[Michael sculpted the figure, based on my own character design for N-Man,
co-created by AM and yours truly,
and Peter designed the faux-Aurora Model Kit box art;
Special thanks to both for permission to post this art here.
N-Man (c) and TM Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved, 1993, 2006]

Have a boo-tiful Halloween!
I'm off to White River Junction and the Center for Cartoon Studies to teach my ass off, and savor Halloween with the CCS crew.

Have a great one yourselves!


Anonymous Andrew Debly said...

Okay, since it's Halloween...

Check out this guy's incredible assortment of pumpkin carvings. He could do a great Swamp Thing or N-Man.


Blogger HemlockMan said...

Pete Von Sholly's a Silver Age treasure hisownself.

Anonymous SP said...

I want one!

Blogger RAB said...

I wish I could have this on my shelf next to my nonexistent Fury and Hypernaut action figures!


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