Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Happy Happy Fun From the Folks Who Love to Put the Screws to Ya --

Not satisfied with completely selling out our country via the most massive national debt in US history (after, of course, squandering the largest inherited surplus in US history, primarily on tax cuts for their rich cronies), and revising bankruptcy laws to further subjugate the populace in an increasingly hostile economic environment,
  • the GOP is quietly making sure as many members of the current college generation plunge into irrevocable debt, too.
  • What ever happened to usuary laws? How far up the ass of corporate loan sharks can the federal government climb? How completely fucked can every not-rich US citizen be before Bush finally slithers out of office in 2009?


    Blogger HemlockMan said...

    My dad was an old-style revolutionary. From the '30s, when there were millions of bonafide communists in the USA.

    He used to say that nothing will happen until things get bad enough that the average person is willing to kill to make a change. Despite my own then-youthful idealism and belief in our democracy, I must concede that he was right all along.

    Americans are such sheep that they were willing to do nothing at all when our national elections were rigged in 2000. And they did nothing more than yawn when those same elections were rigged again in 2002 and 2004.

    Don't hold your breath waiting for change as long as McDonalds can fry up a burger and Wal-Mart can keep its doors open and Exxon is safe to rape the envirnoment and Jerry Falwell can spew his filthy lies.

    Republicans are scum, yes. Democrats are maybe slightly less scum.

    Some choice.

    At least you guys have Bernie Sanders. We have Elizabeth Dole.

    Blogger heath lail said...


    I know you've been busy with the blog troubles and the Lovecraft film festival but I was just wondering if you had sent my package yet? If not, it is cool but I was just wondering if I should start checking with my local post office to see if it was lost/has arrived/etc. Thanks and have a great day:)

    Blogger Marky Mark said...

    Corporate loan sharks and the federal govt do indeed suck. But you fail to mention the suckiest sucker of all - the colleges themselves. Why is tuition skyrocketing so much higher than inflation? And will tuition go back down when Bush and His Evil Cronies are gone?


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