Monday, October 30, 2006

Hmmm, now what's this up to? Wild winds blowing the blog askew?

Time will tell... it's winter at last in VT, with the first scant snow spicing the air ever so slightly last Tuesday, the first sleet (not sticking to the ground, but bouncing audibly off the windows) hitting very early AM on Saturday. Today, though, is exquisite -- breezy, windy even, but just a marvelous autumn day. You can taste Halloween.


Anonymous Sam Kujava said...

It's sunny and warm in Green Bay!
No frozen tundra...yet. But winter's just around the corner,
and it sounds as if you're getting
a cold taste in Vermont. Well,
you ARE farther North!

Anonymous Steve P said...

And going even further north, eh? Many a year and experience trundling into the mists of our past. We age, you gracefully, me like the chain-smoking drunken carny I became. Then why am I not as grey as you and Allen? Pickled, I suppose. Pickled.

Blogger HemlockMan said...

Seasons. Damn. We've forgotten what those are down South here.

We have eight months of Spring. Then Summer.

When I was younger, though, we did have seasons down here. As a kid growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta, I could always expect three good snowfalls per year. Now it rarely snows in Atlanta.

Count yoursevles lucky, despite what discomfort you may face from the ice and snow from time to time.

Blogger Jimmy T said...

Nothing like that clean air.

I hope you get nice weather.

I sent you an e-mail but was not sure if you still had that yahoo address.

Best to you,

Jimmy Tournas


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