Thursday, March 16, 2006

Updates and vagaries --

Delivered "Kafka Kaiju Eiga" to my son Dan, and spoke to him briefly yesterday. Looks like his zine (in which my humble four-page effort will appear) goes to press this week, and may even be on sale at the Boston Zine convention this weekend, if all goes well (yep, I rang Dan up, Dan, and he's into it! - that's a note to Dan Barlow, all). I'll post mail order info here ASAP, once my son gets it all together.

So, the day began with a rare one-sheet poster for Adolfas Mekas's 1963 underground feature Hallelujah the Hills falling into my lap (for the ongoing Vermont film book project). I've also lucked into a little goldmine of Mexican monster movie DVDs (including the rare 1933 Crying Woman) and much, much more... reckon I've got some serious screening time to clear for April!

Thanks to one and all for the birthday wishes on the comments, much appreciated. Also, please note that Colleen from the CCS has indeed posted the tabloid headlines from Tuesday -- if you haven't checked 'em out already, it's waiting for you in the Wednesday comments section, below.

I'm blogging amid travel, so signing off for today. Hopefully see you here tomorrow...


Blogger Tim Lucas said...

Stephen -- I didn't know HALLELUJAH THE HILLS was a Vermont picture! I'd love to see it someday. The star of that film, Peggy Steffans, retired from acting and married Joe Sarno, genius of the psychological sex picture (SIN IN THE SUBURBS, INGA, CONFESSIONS OF A YOUNG AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE). I have her number, if you'd like to interview her for your project. She's kept journals of her career and her memory is pretty sharp. Nice lady, too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,
Please do not publish the following comments. I am new to blogs and did not realize everything I wrote to you would be on public view on your blog. The posting of my comments was on March 5, 2006. Could you please remove my email address and last name from my comments. I would greatly appreciate it. I also put this comment under the March 5, 2006 and it is posted as a March 18 comment. Could you please erase it from there?

Thank you,


Blogger SRBissette said...

Philip -- Dreadfully sorry, but YOU published your comments, not I, unless I'm missing your point completely. I'll scour the blog tonight and see if I can sort this out, OK?

FYI, I've no ability to delete comments from this blog, though I can delete an entire post to deal with this problem -- please email me at and explain what's happening and what you'd like done.

Blogger SRBissette said...

Howdy, Phil -- fixed it, I think. You posted on the 4th, not the 5th -- took a little digging to find your original post.

Note, please, that whatever date you post a comment is the date the blog will cite AS your date of posting. It's not in MY control, or yours, really.

Understand, too, that anything posted here as a comment IS up for public scrutiny -- that's the point of a blog and comment board. I do not mediate or intercept/edit any comments posted -- so please don't think I deliberately posted your comments, or indeed had any control over any aspect of your doing so.

Blogger SRBissette said...

Thanks, Tim!


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