Saturday, March 11, 2006

Rick Veitch's Latest On Sale! Get Can't Get No!

Hey, over at John Rovnak's Panel To Panel.Net awaits that site's first exclusive item. If you quick-like-a-bunny pre-order Rick Veitch's eye-popping new graphic novel from DC/Vertigo, Can't Get No, you'll receive a full-color signed tipped-in plate created exclusively for Panel To Panel.Net.

Ordering information and a review are already available at
  • You Can Get No Can't Get No at PaneltoPanel!

  • While you're there, check out Rick Veitch's one-of-a-kind Little Omens strip, which is also exclusive to Panel To Panel.Net, and Rick (who, unlike Bissette, never ever misses a deadline) posts a new strip every Wednesday.

    More on Rick's latest opus later this week...


    Blogger Not Since You comic said...

    There's a 19 page preview of CAN'T GET NO at the DC site. This looks really good!


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