Tuesday, March 07, 2006

See what I mean?

Once again, I've struck out. I'm never to find this book! SEVENTH email purchase -- SEVENTH strike out.

Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 14:06:45 -0800 (PST)
From: "Powells.com"   
To: msbissette@yahoo.com
Subject: Powells.com items unavailable


Unfortunately, the items listed below were not available at this time.

Though our online database is updated hourly to match actual in-store
quantities, all of our books are sold on a first-come, first-served
basis. Powell's stores are browsed by thousands of walk-in customers every
day, and in all likelihood the items below were purchased or
mis-shelved by another customer.

Your account has -not- been billed for these items.

Unavailable titles are -not- placed on backorder. Your order is now

Please note, however, that we may have alternate editions (at different
price points) available, and we do add thousands of titles to our
shelves every day.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Order number: 4695339

The following items are not currently available and are NOT on

1 @ 25.50 Cahiers Du Cinema; The 1960s: New Wave, New
Cinema, Reevaluating Holly
Hillier, Jim (NEW,
trade paper)

The folks at Powells.com


Anonymous Jon-Mikel said...

Make a point of checking back with Powell's on a regular basis. I've been to their store and it's incredible - an entire city block, and four or five stories tall. Nice people, too, and independently owned to boot. I really believe they are the best book store in America. If it exists in print, it will pass through their doors at some point.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, just thought I’d say that I sent you an email the other day regarding Gance’s J’accuse – I hope it arrived in one piece (I say this as my email has a history of uselessly scrambling itself on long journeys!). Looking forward to hearing back from you, Paul

(and good luck with your book hunt!)

Blogger Mike Dobbs said...


Blogger HB3 said...

what is this silly-assed book you're looking for? As I recall, I've got a bunch of the original 60s Cahiers Du Cinema...something you need?

Blogger SRBissette said...

I need it ALL!

The book offers English-language translations and nifty collections of key texts from the famed zine -- see my prior post on CAHIERS, HB3, and you'll know what/why I seek it.

Are your CAHIERS the English or original French zines? There was an English edition published as a zine -- don't know much about it, though I have seen copies. Thanks!

Dobbs, my karma is always catching up with me. You're one of the few to KNOW how many stacks/boxes/floors of STUFF I have -- it isn't malicious or mischief, it's just after three moves, I misplace so many things! Your CCS loan is being scanned and will be back to you soon, thanks for that -- sorry I've held onto 'em so long.

(You folks get the drift you shouldn't loan ANYTHING to Bissette? I could counter with lists of all I've loaned to others and never got back -- but what a waste of time...)

Blogger SRBissette said...

Hey, Paul -- got your J'ACCUSE email -- will reply later today. My email is so outta hand, and the internet access is soooooo s-l-o-w...

Blogger bob said...

Hm, that is odd. Have you tried amazon.com? They're listing five copies in stock right now, and have scans from it so they must have had the right one in stock at some time.

Blogger HB3 said...

Well, I took in a look, and I've got the complete or nearly complete 62-65 CAHIERS -- French edition, though. Sorry. I'll keep my eye out for any English versions. There could very well be some piled up back there I've forgotten about.

Blogger HB3 said...

Looks like Bob's right, though -- Amazon too good for ya???

Blogger SRBissette said...

I'm trying Amazon again -- but TWO of the prior buys that, upon arrival in the US post, turned out to be the FIRST volume were from Amazon.

One -- more -- time...


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