Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Town Meeting Day in Vermont!

So off I go, to Town Meeting -- a grand VT democratic tradition.

So, no post until later in the day or evening, or even tomorrow. All depends how long it takes to wrestle through the annual issues of property taxes, school budgets, roads, policing, and all such as that...

If you're living in VT -- VOTE! No excuses!

Later, all.


Blogger Mike Dobbs said...

Generally a New England tradition. There are quite a few towns in Massachusetts with town meetings.

It's interesting if the town is tiny, but when you have that form of government for a community of 10,000 it's pretty awkward.

I've commented three times tonight on your blog. It's my personal best.

Blogger SRBissette said...

And I've added your blog to my links list -- apologies I didn't do it sooner! - Blushin' Bissette


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