Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Bushy-Haired Past

Since I'm deep in the final day of Neil Gaiman interview transcribing (and later today setting up for a final phone interview with Neil), there's no time to write this AM unless it's to further the final leg of the transcription process. So I'll leave you with this video clip bon mot, compliments of a link Diane E. Foulds sent Marge for a laugh:
  • this Prisoners of Gravity clip with Alan Moore and I blathering about Swamp Thing. I don't look like this any more!

  • Have a super Sunday --

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    At your My Bushy-Haired Past blog page I read that you're transcribing one interview. Do you do this often. Do you labor long and hard to complete the same?

    I do this almost effortlessly, because... I'm a pro at

    May I suggest you keep my info in case you need it. Besides thoughts of a freelancer, I like to think of myself as a writer's liberator, freeing true writers to do the interviewing and writing, vs. the drudge of typing.

    Well, that's my pitch.

    Alan, of
    (1993 launched in Burlington, VT)

    Blogger James Robert Smith said...

    Nice interview! I'd never seen that.

    I'll never forget this Alan Moore line from an early issue of the Moore/Bissette/Totleben run:

    "I shrug my vast and buried shoulders."

    Fuck. Alan Moore had me forever hooked.

    (I even liked that line that Moore later claimed was just too much--the one describing clouds as "daubing the slashed wrists of the sky". Brilliant.)

    Blogger Mike Dobbs said...

    Okay...I'm trying to think....but nothing's happening! I first met you in 1988 and I can't remember if you had that hair helmet look. I recall Mark's hair helmet, but not yours.

    When was that interview shot?


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