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Alan Moore Double-Disc DVD,
PaneltoPanel Free Shipping Update,
Ten Points In Need of Correction?

Since Alan Moore doesn't visit the US, and probably won't again in our lifetime, the only way you're likely to sample the man and his current personal universe is via this new two-disc DVD.

  • The Mindscape of Alan Moore is now out (my copy arrived yesterday) and it's essential viewing for any Moore fans -- and you can get it here, at's new online venue. Order yours now!

  • In fact, check out the new PaneltoPanel venue and site stem-to-stern, as their newest feature is a honey: all domestic orders totalling more than $40.00 will now ship for FREE!

  • I've not watched my set as yet -- still hard at work on too many projects -- but I intend to this week, or at least begin. More later, but don't hesitate on this: get your copy while the DVD is still available. These things sometimes sell out fast!

    OK, tell me what I've got wrong here.

    Seriously -- if I'm offbase on any of the following, let me know, and provide sources/footnotes to steer me to hard info demonstrating where I'm incorrect. I'm writing this off the top of my head.

    I will revise this ten-point outline accordingly, and post it again with all corrections cited:

    1. Planes hijacked by primarily SAUDI radical Islamists slam into US landmarks and kill 3000+, 9/11/01

    2. Saudi Arabia remains our ally. Bush instead cites three other countries as the "Axis of Terror," invades Afghanistan (NOT one of the three countries named, and not part of 9/11) chasing Osama; we never catch him, despite a report of UK military having Osama in their sights and being told to stand down.

    3. Saudi Arabia remains our ally. Rather than maintain focus on finishing what we start in Afghanistan, much less do what braggart Bush says we were gonna do with Osama (catch him), we bomb the living fuck out of IRAQ (NOT part of the 9/11 plot, and NOT a terrorist base of operations) and invade sans planning. "We" also ignore the advice of our own military, and "we" fire the only military reps who honestly report what the war will cost. Condi Rice, for six years, argues all this is correct and justified.

    4. Saudi Arabia remains our ally. Iraq becomes a vital center of terrorist operations, due primarily to US actions against that country and complete mismanagement of the preemptive war (the reasons for which are proven repeatedly to have been falsely portrayed to the world and US public, to the point where Bush himself publicly discounts the reasons given to justify the war).

    5. Saudi Arabia remains our ally. Distracted by waging war in Iraq, Afghanistan unravels, and the Taliban reasserts itself in that country. No centralized government is established, much less reinforced. Iraq descends into increasing chaos, its infrastructure destroyed. Osama is never caught, but Saddam Hussein (who had nothing to do with 9/11) is. He is executed; his brother's head pops off during his respective execution.

    6. Saudi Arabia remains our ally, Osama remains uncaught and at large. The wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan (neither part of 9/11) plunged further into chaos, generating anti-US ire and a new generation of radical extremists and terrorists. Having failed on two fronts, Bush vehemently and persistently argues IRAN (one of the three countries named as part of the "Axis of Evil") is a world problem, and should be dealt with sternly -- even after his OWN INTELLIGENCE AGENCY reports Iran has no nuclear program, Bush persists.

    7. Saudi Arabia remains our ally, Osama remains uncaught and at large. The wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan (neither part of 9/11) plunged further into chaos. Traveling to the MIDDLE EAST, advocating PEACE, Bush vehemently and persistently argues IRAN (one of the three countries named as part of the "Axis of Evil") is a world problem, and should be dealt with sternly -- Rice agrees, but also argues for PEACE.

    8. Bush completes a major SALE OF ARMS to our ally SAUDI ARABIA (remember, SAUDI radicals helmed the planes 9/11), talking PEACE while aggressively arguing IRAN is the most dire threat against world PEACE ("...threatens the security of nations everywhere...") -- despite the NIE report to the contrary.

    9. Condi argues, with a prominent SAUDI gov't official at her side, that ISRAEL and ARAB countries should work toward PEACE in THE MIDDLE EAST, a region destabilized by US ACTIONS since 2002. Meanwhile, our pre-emptive, unprovoked wars in Afghanistan and Iraq rage, no end in sight. Arab governments are understandably cynical about anything that comes out of the mouths of Bush and Rice, knowing too that (given failed US military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq) Bush can't back his tough talk about Iran with action.

    10. Saudi Arabia remains our ally, Osama remains uncaught and at large. The wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan (neither part of 9/11) plunge further into chaos, generating increasing anti-US ire and uncountable radical extremists and terrorists. The 3000+ killed on US soil on 9/11 has been met with 24,000+ uncharged "detainees" still in various prison facilities (and fresh recruitment centers for radicalized extremists), 4000 US military dead, uncounted US military wounded, uncounted US contracted workers/mercenary dead and/or wounded, and 1 MILLION+ Iraqi dead and more wounded -- NONE dying or wounded on soil from which came a single member of the 9/11 SAUDI radicals who attacked the US. Bush and Condi have one year left in office; argue for PEACE while in the MIDDLE EAST, but foment 'strong action' against IRAN.

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    Blogger James Robert Smith said...

    Very simplistic way of looking at things, actually.

    It's as easy to blame Iran as it is to blame Saudi Arabia. You're laying blame everywhere but at your own feet. Which is where it should be placed.

    The USA is a moral shitheap. Our leaders are all monsters. You have no business blaming some fat bastard backward greedy ultra-relgious woman-dominating environmetal-rapist human rights-denying asswipes in Saudia Arabia until you not only recognize those same tendencies in our own nation BUT THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. (And I ain't talkin' about a bake sale or a protest march.) As long as you are not willing to do anything about it, then stop laying the blame on someone else.

    Until that time, don't come whining to the world about "Saudi Arabia". They're less to blame than I am to blame as a do-nothing citizen of the USA. When we're all ready to to actually work outside the "system" to change things...then you can justifiably complain about Saudi Arabia, or anyone else. At that point, we'll have earned to right to complain. Until then, we're just whining sheep.

    (You forgot to blame the Mexicans.)

    (And, yes, I understand the cynicism in your post. It just don't fly.)

    Blogger Unknown said...

    Moore fans should check out the review of The Mindscape of Alan Moore by K. A. Laity, from a recent issue of Phil Nutman's webzine Up Against the Wall.

    (Full disclosure: I'm Kate's PR hack and husband, not necessarily in that order...)

    Blogger SRBissette said...

    Bob, you misunderstand the point of the chronology -- my failure, not yours -- I AM placing blame at OUR feet. Using oblique 'chronology' isn't a successful strategy there, I reckon.

    It's OUR policies that have brought all this down. We've lost our position as a 'world leader' by the utter stupidity of our policies, the horrific conduct of our policies (Abu Ghraib, etc.) and -- hence, the Saudi chronology -- policies that don't even rationally build as reactions, lashing out at parties/countries in no way involved. My point in citing the Saudi position throughout is to emphasize the utter disconnect between 9/11 (the excuse for all policies, abuses, etc.) and all that followed, which WE -- via the Bush Administration -- are responsible for.

    I'm primarily looking for corrections to the factual basis of the chronology -- though, as you point out, read sans context, it does appear to be founded entirely on the premise "it's the Saudi's fault" (note: Not. Saudi Arabia extremists, not their country, hijacked the planes on 9/11), rather than pointing out the basic insanity of hammering countries not responsible for 9/11 rather than dealing with OUR ALLY, SAUDI ARABIA from the beginning with proportional police action and policies, rather than disproportional, misdirected unilateral pre-emptive militaristic "solutions" AS solutions.

    What I didn't spell out is the mad basis of all our Bush era policy: a fundamentally dualistic religious view of the world positing 'good' and 'evil' factions, and reacting accordingly as if that were a rational way of dealing with the world.

    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    Too many of your "facts" are too easily argued against by me, yet too easily defended by you. Example: "a region destabilized by US ACTIONS since 2002"

    I actually just spent a LOT of typing time going back and forth with a liberal about Bush and Christians. Different subject, but I just wanted you to know I do take the time. Rarely.

    I asked him (the liberal) if I could share our conversation with you and Dobbs, and possibly on my blog, but he'd rather not go there. Wanted to keep it private.

    We had an interesting discussion, and actually cleared up a few things and each was able to sway the other in small ways.

    But ultimately it was jibber jabber.

    My point is - I'm all done in right now. But I appreciate the offer to spar intelligently. Maybe we will someday (again! We have in the past) but I'll pass on this one.

    I'll tell you about the other thing in private conversation sometime. Must respect the man's privacy wishes.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

    Blogger C. Margery Kempe said...

    Wow -- I was going to leave a link to my review of the DVD, but I see my "people" has been here first. What a great guy (and tireless sherpa)!

    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    This just in!

    Iran President Says Bush Confrontational
    Jan 17 01:55 PM US/Eastern

    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday that President Bush sent a "message of confrontation" during his recent Mideast trip.

    Blogger dogboy443 said...

    We're screwed.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    A few quibbles: Afghanistan was arguably partially responsible for 9/11, since the ruling Taliban were providing safe haven for Bin Laden's al-Qaeda. So invading there was justifiable in some respects, although the flubbed aftermath is a tragedy.

    Also, we seem to have just created a new safe haven in Pakistan's border territory, with few levers for influencing that nuclear-armed country, and the real danger that our blundering has destabilized it even more.

    And as noted by others above, Saudi Arabia for all their faults were not responsible for 9/11 either. They're not a very good ally, but we need allies wherever we can get them at this point.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    So, 4000+ US soldiers dead in a war to fight those who killed 3000+ in NYC, not to mention the million casualties from the targeted countries, most of them collateral victims. And the main responsible of the initial strike to the USA is still at large, while no military action has been taken against the country the attackers were from (violating the alleged reason behind that war), and, at the present, no tangible benefit has been achived for America or the American people, who are suffering instead the heavy toll of the war in economy, civil rights and loss of moral status in the international public opinion.

    It seems there is no logic in this tragedy. Unless there is another one, hidden, unconfessed by the American leaders.


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