Friday, January 11, 2008

While I Was Away...

...Chris Golden, Henry Wagner and I finished and delivered our initial draft of The Neil Gaiman Companion. Sans the interview and a few other items (art, commentary quotes we're awaiting from a few folks, etc.), it already clocks in at (choke!) 843 pages. Really.

What makes the final cut, time and hard work with our editor will tell. But just thought I'd announce the delivery.

So, I'll be posting here tomorrow, on something, sometime. See you Saturday, stay warm and dry.

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Blogger Hank Wagner said...

Hey Steve--

Why so formal?

Hank "Henry" Wagner

Blogger James Robert Smith said...

GOOD GRIEF!!! 843 PAGES??!!!

Blogger Mark Martin said...

I rarely watch TV, but my wife does. Tonight she was watching "MONK". I heard the greatest line ever uttered on TV.

"You're with me now. You don't have to wipe any more."

TIVO it if you don't believe me.

I assume 643 of those pages were trucked in by Bissette.


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