Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And the Beating Goes On...

Alas, Tuesday AM, and this bandwidth issue is still unresolved.

If I knew WHAT to do, with WHOM, it would have been resolved by now! I trust my computer gurus to sort this out, knowing I'm losing many of you who habitually visited this blog daily... sigh.

Soon, I hope...


Anonymous BobH said...

What's this, signs of life on MyRant? Or just a zombie corpse?

Blogger dogboy443 said...

We're all glad to see that you're back. Your insight on the world helps the day go by alot faster.

Mark M

Blogger SRBissette said...

Thanks to Cat for getting this all back online -- and the website is, at last, under way! We'll be unveiling it, bit by bit, throughout May and June. Thanks for sticking around, my amigos --


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