Friday, February 02, 2007

A Revised Pan's Labyrinth review for Mark, Per His Comment...

Pan's Labyrinth:
Me like.
You wrong.

Oh, and Rush is a complete dink.

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Blogger HemlockMan said...

Don't know when I'll see PAN. Not this weekend. I'll be hiking all this weekend, and taking my son to Asheville so that he can shop at the cool hippie stores there.

Limbaugh's a fascist shitbag.

Anonymous steve perry said...

Yeah, but he has a nice radio voice.

Hard to believe George Nory and Art Bell are on the same station. Everyone of you should regularly lister to Coast to Coast Am,. It starts at midnight every night.

Blogger Marky Mark said...

Steve: But - but - what am I "wrong" about?

Steve and Hemlockman et al: Where is the LOVE? Can't you see that you are falling into the vicious cycle of judgment and name-calling that you so abhor in your enemies? Rush is a fascist shitbag? O'Reilly is an insufferable braggart? And you, Hemlockman, "armed revolution"??? This hatred is eating you alive, and it's breaking my heart! I am sending you both et al a GREAT BIG HUG!!!

I'm going to make a little poem out of my spam-blocker now:


Y is for Your long long Labyrinth review

F is for For Christ's sake, I'm a WHINER!

G is for G Michael Dobbsy's colon

M is MAN! I can't make this rhyme finer

R is for Revolution, armed and killing

I is for Intolerant political views

Y is for Youth exposed to Andrew James (which is probably more the fault of our stupid laws and society in general than the fault of Vermont)

and L is for the LOVE I SEND TO YOU!

Put them all together they spell yfgmriyl!

The puking sound I make if I see THE VIEW.

Blogger SRBissette said...

Mark: You're wrong about PAN'S LABYRINTH. Jesus, can you read these posts? It says: "PAN'S LABYRINTH:" with the colon indicating the context of the following two lines. Ha. Ha. Me being funny. Platz.


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