Thursday, January 25, 2007

News At Eleven!

I'll be posting this evening, folks, due to first-week of semester CCS duties this AM. Yesterday's class, the first of the semester for me, went well, but today's the pressure cooker.

Caught Pan's Labyrinth last night, and I've much to say about that. So, later this evening, as time permits -- apologies for missing my usual morning post!



Blogger dogboy443 said...

Please let's hear about Pan's Labyrinth...we're going to be seeing it on Sunday afternoon in Amherst. Every review I've heard and read, including the Valley Advocate and NPR, have praised it for being one of the best movies in years...looking forward in reading the Bisstee spin on it.


Blogger Marky Mark said...

OK, I'll be here at 11:00.
You better not let me down again.

Blogger HemlockMan said...

I listened to an interview with del Toro on NPR yesterday. I knew I liked his films, but I had no idea the guy was so bright. I was really impressed with the way he spoke about film.

Blogger Marky Mark said...

Is your request line open?

Gimme "the other side" of this child molester guy that Bill O'Reilly wants off the streets of Vermont. What's the Progressive argument against O'Reilly and for that guy?

I'm genuinely curious, not baiting you. Or assuming anything. Just wonder if you know.

Blogger Marky Mark said...

6:00 am Friday morning....

You bastard. You cruel selfish monster. Why do I keep coming back here? WHY?????


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