Sunday, November 12, 2006

More Rainy Sunday Ramblings...

It's gone from a misty morning to a pissing-rain afternoon, and Marge and I have been packing all day. It's got Marge in a bit of a down mood -- she's a 'nester,' not enjoying this phase of packing boxes of our stuff up knowing the closing on the new house is still a full month away. I've been in full packing (and moving, shuttling boxes and stuff to a storage facility close to our new home) mode for almost two weeks now, and only know to keep nose to grindhouse and grind on ahead, from waking to either break or falling down. It'll be an odd existence for the next month or so, and none to comfortable for anyone in the abode.

The cats, you see, are restless with all this, too. One of our two, Tuco, reacted so promptly to the first sign of boxes being packed that I immediately suspected this process is what led to his landing in the animal shelter. He's constantly seeking our attention and reassurances now, and both cats (Lizzie and Tuco) sleep plastered to our sides or as close as our sleeping bods will permit. They know something's up, and they don't like it one bit. We've already strategized the cats move -- the where and when of it -- to the new house, but until then they'll be as fretful as Marge, if not moreso, and we'll be dreading the momentous long drive in December from Marlboro to Windsor with unhappy (no doubt yowling) cats in carriers in the car.

Maia was going to come by this afternoon to work on the comic story we're jamming on together, and to begin sorting through her boxes from the last move (the 2002 move from Wilmington to Marlboro) -- debris from her last years of high school, etc., in search of winter clothes and in hopes of excavating her beloved manga collection, I reckon. However, the shit weather scotched that; she'll be up tomorrow. I hope to get together with Dan in the AM, too, if all goes well.

Though both are in their 20s, I wonder how this move sits with them -- time will tell, if they don't.

Such are the musings between the boxing and packing -- got to get back to work on the CCS stuff... more later!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats the date of your impending move...yesdearb

Blogger HemlockMan said...

I don't envy your move. Augh and argh.

If you're giving up ten acres and a nice home, what are you moving into? Still going to have acreage in which to wander?

Anonymous sp said...

with a little tightening your post reads like a roger rath short story ... or an srb short story that has nary a monster or dinosaur anywhere near it except in those packed boxes. esquire material, man. literary review shit.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, so this runs the risk of being sort of awkward, but I was told by John Sheehy that you have worked with Marlboro College students in the past. I'm doing my Plan of Concentration on superhero based comic books in American History. My e-mail address is, please e-mail me if you are interested. Oh, and my name is Sam Scogin


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