Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Josie's Site!

Completely by accident, Leah Moore found, like, me on
  • this website,
  • which she visits for reasons to do with the comforts of knitting hats. It turns out it's Josie's site, and she's one of my students at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Cool! Check it out (howdy, Josie!).

    The Link I Forgot

    When I posted mention of Stephen Colbert's historic Press Club turn, I forgot to post a link to easy-read access of a transcript, which is
  • here.
  • I've received a bunch of emails (and one comment) taking me to task for saying this was mere court jesterism -- hey, having seen the video, Colbert was amazing, and it was a ballsy and immensely gratifying spectacle. But it's not going to change anyone's behavior in the White House, and that's what's necessary... but then again, apparently no one, save the neocon pundits (remember the Harriet Myers nomination debacle?), seem capable of shaking this White House.

    Free Work

    Doing lots of free work this week, and turning down requests for more of the same. There's only so far one can stretch with 'free work,' but almost everyone I know does it (not counting housewives, a career arc based entirely on 'free work').

    I'm juggling a bunch of Vermont film related workloads, none of which adds up to income, but all of which feeds my desire to chronicle once and for all the rich heritage of the state's cinematic legacy. So, Ken Peck -- who has done, if anything, more 'free work' on VT film than I ever will -- popped in last night for supper with Marge and I and we worked our way through what was needed for a presentation Ken is doing next week for the VT Libraries Council on VT film and video. I've still got to get some illustration materials off to Ken, but wrapped up the prep work for his text handout -- so, that's done.

    After that, there's plenty of other 'free work' to do on some Marlboro community stuff I'm working on (in hopes of getting high-speed internet access here before 2010, which is the soonest Verizon is likely to get anything like that up and running hereabouts, by which time the rest of the world will most likely be implanting microchips for telepathic transmission of information while Marlboro will be just barely getting what most of you have). Then somemore 'free work,' then a little more. Free. Work.

    It makes the world go 'round.


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