Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Off We Go...

After an incredible day in Copenhagen with Henrik as our benevolent guide enjoying the city with Jose and, later around noon, Leah and John -- including the water 'tour' via the canals and harbor, etc. -- we joined a massive party of another ten or so to wind up our evening with a dinner for fifteen (!) at an expansive Indian restaurant downtown. Thankfully, our hosts Kim and Regina were able to join us, and a fantastic meal and time was had by all.

We left full, satisfied we'd done and seen all we could in the time we've had here, and feeling blessed to be part of this warm community, if only for a few days.

A modest breakfast in Kim's apartment and off we go.

More tomorrow...


Blogger arni beck said...

Oh, and I forgot. The weather finally hit us the way it should have a couple weeks ago. Sunny and 15-18°C outside right now.
Very nice.


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