Thursday, April 27, 2006

The whirlwind begins!

Just a short 'see ya soon' note as I jump into the tornado of the next couple of weeks. I'll post here as time permits, and hope you'll all be back (if you drift off) for the daily postings when they resume on May 6th.

Last night's get-together with Maia was terrific fun, it was great to spend some time together -- and a perfect 'send off' for the week or so to come. I'll be caught up in the CCS end-of-Year-One duties and such, and also off on a jaunt I'll tell you about after it's thoroughly jauntified.

It's been a busy week in other ways, too; there's a lot going on I haven't mentioned here. I'm working with the folks at Heretic and my friends Lance Weiler and Stefan Avalos on the cover art for the long-awaited DVD rerelease of Lance & Stefan's seminal digital feature, The Last Broadcast, a film I've written about here before. It's The Jazz Singer of the digital feature film era, and also among my personal fave independent horror films of all time, so having a shot at doing the cover art (my first since my outing for Barrel Entertainment's release of Last House on Dead End Street) is a real treat. We're also discussing some other special features for the DVD, but I'll just leave it at the cover for now and let you know once things are underway.

So, I'm outta here for a bit. Check in when you can; I'll be posting when I can.

In the meantime, especially if you're in the White River Jct. area, be sure to check out (and partake of)
  • the WRIF Site.
  • I posted at length on the festival on my Saturday, April 22, 2006 post (below) -- check it out. There's some excellent films in the running, and I most highly recommend The Power of Nightmares -- should be required viewing for all US citizens! -- and my personal beloved in the lineup (the film I dragged into the fray), Coke Sams's masterpiece Existo. Not to be missed!

    In closing:

    * Heath, best to read Sandman from the beginning, as it is one huge novel -- but if all you've got is Vol. 3 in hand, go to it. Why wait?

    * Mark Martin sends the following link,
  • which has "has some pretty interesting takes on the fuel
    prices situation."
  • Agreed; thanks, Mark!

    * BTW, Mark, thanks for
  • razzing me for not attending your Runaway Comics Northampton Hoedown.
  • Now, I tole you and I tole you I wouldn't be there -- we were in NYC, visiting my ol' pal Sweeney. Did the other folks who couldn't make it go and send you a heap of promo ideas to make up for missing your hoedown? No, they didn't -- but I did! Besides,
  • Tom was there, so you sure didn't need me kicking around, didja?
  • (Howdy, Tom!) She-it, missing all Jeannie's great food is punishment enough, though I'll forever regret not being immortalized in a blurry photo by your side. Just call me "Blank Page Bissette" and I'll hang my head in shame.

    Ah, heck, check out
  • Mark's whole updated site
  • for some lifts and laughs!


    Anonymous Jon-Mikel said...

    Will there be Existo DVDs for sale at the WRIF showing? You'd mentioned the possibility before, but I don't know if it ever happened.

    Blogger Marty said...

    Excellent news. Serendipitous as well... I just received some proposed artwork for Heretic's MAGDALENA'S BRAIN release last night! I'll get it to you to see what you think.

    Also, Heretic is re-releasing THE LAST BROADCAST? I thought you had been talking about HEAD TRAUMA. Either way is very cool, though.

    If you ARE doing artwork for HEAD TRAUMA, then you have to feature Steve Garvey prominently on the cover. Steve Freaking Garvey?! Who'd have thought to cast HIM?! I wish I did.

    I'm gunning for Steve Yeager and Ron Cey for my next project.*

    (* all of these guys used to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers if you're confused)

    Blogger SRBissette said...

    Hey, Marty, thanks for peppering us with the baseball references -- yep, Steve Garvey is memorably part of the HEAD TRAUMA cast, though I'll leave it to Lance to response to the casting call query. We'll see if he makes it to the cover -- don't know that I am doing the HEAD TRAUMA cover or poster art, though that'd be sweet.

    Let me know how it goes with MAGDALENA'S BRAIN; I'm yours if you need me!

    Blogger SRBissette said...

    Oh, and though I replied to Jon via email, for everyone else: No DVDs of EXISTO for sale at WRIF, though I tried to arrange that. I'll post DVD access here, though, on a future post.


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