Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Banned from the Board? Only 'The Truth'!

Hey, necessary changes over at Al Nickerson's Creator Rights site and discussion board, prompted by the lively Marvelman/Miracleman thread.

Some of you posting there of late may have suffered a speed bump or two the last couple of days -- I know I did! -- but Al has sorted it all out, and I wanted to be sure to provide the necessary links here in case you were one of those like myself who momentarily found themselves inadvertantly "banned" from the board during the systems changeover.

So, here's the chronology, in a nutshell. After requesting that
  • everyone "play nice,"
  • Al and his partner Chuck Morrison found themselves having to deal with a poster "who was using a bunch of different IP addresses." In dealing with that belligerent poster, others were mistakingly and briefly "caught up in the mess, too," though both Al and Chuck weren't happy about the decision to 'ban' the mystery man, either.

    "I don't mind folks disagreeing, but insults will not do," Al wrote to me. "'The Truth' [the pseudoname the belligerent poster used] was warned, but then, continued on. So, he got booted." The end result: "Guests can no longer post at the forum. People have to be registered to post. I checked the permissions and the settings are set for only registered members." No prob: most boards and blogs accepting comments require folks register these days; it doesn't hinder free speech.

    Nevertheless, that process created other problems for everyone, which Al discusses on this
  • 'banning' difficulties thread.
  • Hope this clears this up -- the thread prompting all this flurry of semi-spastic activity is
  • the Marvelman/Miracleman thread, which is here.
  • It's an interesting read, and I hope we indeed find out who this mysterious "movie producer" is claiming to have proprietary rights to the venerable Marvelman/Miracleman character. Huh -- a brazen new wrinkle, just what this unresolved cluster-fuck needed.

    See you there!


    Blogger dogboy443 said...

    Sounds like the posting issues we had over at the Kingdom, particularly your Swamp. We had the poster named "Black Something" and he was disrepctful of a lot of people and he was warned and then finally banned. Didn't stop him though. He just continued the thread over at a different forum.

    Mark Masztal

    Blogger Charles Vess said...

    Hey Steve long time no talk. I've been enjoying dropping by your blog on occassion to read your opinionated opinions. I tried to post quite a while ago but blogger didn't let me and so I lost a long ass comment on graphic novels so I'll see where this gets me today. Been writting an essay for the last five years in the annual St. Martin's Press anthology 'The Years Best fantasy and Horror' so I keep my hand in the field although I mostly just do book illustration these days.

    Anyway I came across some interesting early (circa late 1800's) proto comic strips from Russia that I thought you might be interested in for your class in graphic narratives. I've scanned several of them so I can sendyour way if you respond to this e-mail(my e-addy:

    My best to you,

    Blogger Al Nickerson said...

    Hey Steve,

    If there was any truth to the claims of 'The Truth', then I'm sure he would have been more forthcoming with his information. I wouldn't worry about any mysterious knowledge that he claimed to know.

    'The Truth' was becoming a pest. He was warned. He continued to be a pest. So, he was booted. The end.

    Al Nickerson

    Blogger Marky Mark said...

    Ha ha. Bite Me Fanboy won't allow any insults!

    I woulda posted this on the CR site, but I'm too old and cranky to register.

    And I'm probably not the first to yank his chain.

    Blogger Al Nickerson said...

    Hah! But, I wasn't directing my "Bite, Me" to any particular person. :)

    Don't be so cranky, Mark. Come join the fun.


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