Friday, April 14, 2006

More Stuff and Updates:

* I wrote a passionate ode to Basil Gogos and the new Vanguard Press book dedicated to Gogos's remarkable body of work. Well, the various editions are all available from the good folks at PaneltoPanel, and here's the links for those of you eager to place your orders. I've no idea whether these will be shipping first or second editions -- if that's crucial to you, use the direct link to the publisher provided in the full Gogos post -- but recommend PaneltoPanel's service otherwise:
  • Softcover Famous Monster Art/Basil Gogos book order via PaneltoPanel
  • While you're there, explore the rest of the site!

    * BTW, since I'm going to be referring heavily to V for Vendetta the graphic novel in the coming week, if you haven't already got a copy on your shelves, here's the best way to snag a copy for yourself ASAP:
  • Softcover edition V for Vendetta

  • Hardcover edition V for Vendetta
  • Recommended!

    * Cartoonist Dirk in Tokyo, Japan emailed me this link to "this sketchy interactive comic blog" he's been uploading from Tokyo since the beginning of 2006. Dirk extends the following invitation: "...readers from all over the world are invited to submit assignments (meet a local dj, ride a rooftop rollercoaster, talk about gender in japan) and can read a comic about my efforts the following week." Check it out at
  • Interactive Tokyo Comics Blog,
  • and tell Dirk I sent ya!

    * Comics creators, historians, scholars, fans & horror comics lovers take note: The complete, unexpurgated text of the historic 1954 US Senate Interim Report on Comic Books is online! This historic document is must-read material for anyone curious about what went down in '54 that led to the formation of the Comics Code Authority, the demise of horror and crime comics, the irrevocable changes in EC Publications' lineup, and much, much more. This compelling record is just a click away at
  • The 1954 Senate Interim Report.

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